No one is immune to weather and unforeseeable events such as the fires and floods that we are currently experiencing in several regions of Quebec, THINKING HABITAT has found an innovative construction solution that will allow the dwellings to cope, Regardless of its size. The company now designs and manufactures waterproof, 100% waterproof houses. They have the characteristic of being able to be erected in wet environments and suitable for the floods thanks to their fixation on piles screwed in depth in a solid part of the soil. Like its design and ecological cottages and cottages already on the market since 2015, impervious houses will be constructed from steel structures (steel caissons) from recycled marine containers and will be prefabricated at their Longueuil plant.

These caissons, which are completely watertight, are made of corten steel, a corrosion-resistant metal alloy that is even resistant to seawater, originally designed to travel by boat. Flame-retardant, non-polluting soy polyurethane is applied under pressure throughout the building and also provides high level insulation. The exterior is covered with cedar, a wood that dries easily, does not rot and therefore prevents mold.


Smart architectural design is the main benefit of Thinking Habitat’s dwellings. The architectural innovation and high quality design provided by our teams of architects and designers give our production the optimal quality in the construction market. Whether inside or outside, each square foot is brilliantly engineered so that you will benefit from an optimized and ergonomic living space.


The steel structure provides the most solid construction to date. Steel casings have an almost unlimited lifespan so you do not have to worry about quality and durability of living spaces built by Thinking Habitat. Modulating these steel casings affords a lot of flexibility for the design of your living and working spaces. These can easily be added to the core dwelling by adding stories or complementary spaces to be used as additional bedrooms, office space, etc. This modular setting allows you to enjoy ceilings from over 8 feet to 17 feet high, depending on your chosen model.


Our pre-engineered, factory-built construction processes guarantee the highest standards. And speed of construction is an undeniable asset since the construction process is quicker. Pre-engineering also affords us a better control during the assembly phase, which allows us to deliver your dwelling more rapidly than with a conventional construction process, on any time of terrain, anywhere in the world.