We are thrilled to introduce our new residential project in the municipality of Petite- Rivière-Saint- François. Opened this winter and located in the heart of the Massif de Charlevoix, one of Quebec’s most beautiful vantage points, these ecological semi- detached chalets will provide a privileged access to the slopes and will place you in the middle of the action in winter as well as in summer. These superbly-designed dwellings surpass the highest standards in energy efficiency.

Le Chalet-Forêt du Massif de Charlevoix

With a total square footage of 1,280 sq. ft., each semi-detached unit will be made of four assembled modules for a total of 640 sq. ft. per floor

Level 1 : Main entrance, three bedrooms and one bathroom

Level 2 : Living room, dining room, kitchen and powder room

All units are connected to parking spaces by lateral wooden walkways.

Each semi-detached unit will be serviced by a purification system and a common artesian well. Electric power will be provided by a system already in place and will be divided in two through separate electric meters.

Technical details for semi-detached units :



Outdoor Finishing

Cedar exterior cladding

Hybrid full-length, tilt-and- turn windows (aluminum exterior and PVC interior)

Full-height and full-width French doors (patio doors) and windows

Green roof (including structure and membranes); greening in option

Soy polyurethane insulation (fireproof)

R40 insulation for ceilings and floors; R30 for walls

Indoor Finishing

Walls and ceilings: painted gypsum board finishing

European kitchen with design counters and sinks

High-end ceramics bathroom

Hardwood and/or ceramics floors

8-foot ceilings and higher

Project Gallery: Chalet du Massif

Massif de Charlevoix
5 Chemin passe montagne
Charlevoix, Québec