Thinking Habitat is a Quebec company specialized in the construction of residential dwellings, the development of real estate projects at the local and international level, as well as the design of hotel projects.

We design real estate projects meeting the strictest environmental standards on the market. Thinking Habitat’s dwellings and commercial buildings are pre-engineered in Quebec, in our factories, and made of steel structures from recycled steel casings. Our approach to construction allows to surpass the highest expectations in terms of quality, architecture, design and construction lead times.

Whether big or small, your real estate project will benefit from the greatest care from our architects and designers. Thinking Habitat is committed to building and developing high end, ecological, high quality housing units and commercial projects at competitive prices.

Stemming from a history of vision and passion, our team is made up of visionary and enthusiastic architects, designers, engineers and builders who developed our models from a unique construction process: the use of steel casings as rigid structures. Through the years, our team has forged ties with numerous partners who believed in this innovative and intelligent approach to construction.


The steel casing has an almost unlimited lifetime. With regard to the structure, do not be afraid of floods, molds, termites or others since our homes are the test of the majority of the elements of aging that undergo the traditional constructions. All of our projects are constructed from steel structures from recycled steel structure, and are so robust that they will withstand the worst weather, earthquakes and hurricanes, making them the strongest in the industry construction.

The architectural innovation and high quality design give our production the optimal quality in the construction market. Whether inside or outside, each square foot is brilliantly engineered so that you will benefit from an optimized and ergonomic living space.

Our pre-engineered, factory-built construction processes guarantee the highest standards. Pre-engineering also affords us a better control during the assembly phase, which allows us to deliver your project more rapidly than with a conventional construction process, on any time of terrain, anywhere in the world.

Reducing the environmental footprint for housing projects is at the heart of our concerns. We recycle steel casings which the transportation industry can no longer use to build these dwellings, which allows us to give them a second life. Not only does their steel structure reduce the massive logging which goes on to provide wood framing in traditional constructions, but our pre-engineered dwellings concept limits the impact on the neighbouring vegetation.


We are thrilled to introduce our new residential project in the municipality of Petite- Rivière-Saint- François. Opened this winter and located in the heart of the Massif de Charlevoix, one of Quebec’s most beautiful vantage points, these ecological semi- detached chalets will provide a privileged access to the slopes and will place you in the middle of the action in winter as well as in summer. These superbly-designed dwellings surpass the highest standards in energy efficiency.

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Concept & Design

The architectural innovation and the impeccable quality of their design gives our projects an unsurpassed advantage on the market. Each square foot has been designed, inside and out, to allow you to enjoy an ergonomic and optimal living space.

High Energy Efficiency

The steel casing is completely weather resistant. The addition of an extra coating of soy polyurethane insulation (fireproofing) on the outside, will make your dwelling perfectly insulated; the addition of a green roof will bring your Thinking Habitat home among the best performers in the industry

Environmental Footprint Reduction

By choosing a residential or commercial construction by Thinking Habitat, you minimize your environmental impact on our forests and in the vicinity of your  project.

Customer Service

Our team of dynamic and attentive professionals will be pleased to answer your questions and fulfill your expectations.

Design/Concept/Detail & Partners

Your real estate project, small or large, is the object of the most attention of our team of architects and designers. Thinking habitat and its expert partners offer you residential or commercial construction of the highest quality.

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The unique and specific nature of your commercial projects is our main concern. By choosing Thinking Habitat as a partner, you will benefit from the services of our teams of expert designers and architects to build your project. Office tower, condominium project or commercial building, we will deliver an innovative, high quality product which will meet the higher ecological and environmental standards. We will be there to help you through every stage of your project’s completion, from its acceptance by stakeholders to the various steps and requirement of the municipal administration. We can help you present your project to municipalities, help with permit requests, hookups to local water networks or other services, or with zoning modification or derogation requests as the case may be.

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